Air Handler Maintenance Basics

If you are at work or have someone in the business who needs an air handler maintenance person, here are a few tips to help you choose a good one. If you are at home, you can ask the person who uses the room if they need any special air handler maintenance. If they do not know who to ask, you can look in the phone book under air conditioners and call each company individually. Call and ask if they offer air conditioning maintenance on site at their facility. Most air conditioning companies have centers that have trained personnel that will come out a given day and come by to your home to conduct the needed maintenance for your hair handler. You can then leave with a list of air conditioners that you can select from. 
There may be a qualified technician that comes to your home to conduct the needed air handling unit maintenance. In this case, you should give him or her a call to set up a time to come and see the components inside your air handler. You should also have the unit looked at by the technician before he or she goes inside to inspect the various components inside the unit. This way, if anything does happen to the unit while the technician is inside to conduct the required maintenance, he or she will be able to make the necessary repairs. However, a qualified technician should be able to give you the exact diagnosis of the problem that is inside your air handler control panel.
One problem that occurs on occasion with air conditioning units is when the refrigerant lines break. This usually happens when the compressor or the blower inside the air handler are not working properly. When the refrigerant lines break, you need a professional technician to fix the problem. Before calling a professional technician, you should have the refrigerant lines replaced by a professional technician as a preventative measure.
There are some specific maintenance procedures for most types of air conditioning systems. If you have an oil-fired air handler, then you need to check the oil in the combustion chamber on a monthly basis. A good rule of thumb is to have the oil changed before the air conditioning system starts to overheat. Most heating and cooling contractors recommend that you change the oil every two months to ensure that your system works at its optimal performance. To get in touch with these experts, visit
The cooling system of an air handler can also be maintained by a professional service technician. For your central heating and cooling system, you should call the manufacturer of the system for maintenance recommendations. The manufacturer can provide you with the coolant that you need for the air handler to maintain proper operation. It is advised that you change the coolant about every three months for your central heating system to prevent overheating. When it comes to evaporator coil maintenance, you should call your HVAC technician once a year.
Heating and cooling systems may not require annual maintenance, but they certainly do require annual filter changes. Air filters will accumulate dust and debris, so you should change them at least once a year. If you have an oil-fired air flow, then you should have the air flow filters replaced regularly. You can either purchase or clean the filters yourself, or have your HVAC contractor do the maintenance for you.Find out more details in relation to this topic here:
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